How do you update your profile and not allow it to go live while you are editing it?

faqYou can turn off your activity broadcasts so the changes you make will not be broadcast to your connections.

Do be aware though that if someone were to search for you while you are in the process of updating your profile they will find you and be able to read whatever you have saved in your profile. I recommend you revise your content in a word document and then upload your copy when you are satisfied with how it reads AND it is both grammar and spell checked.

How to turn off your activity broadcasts

  1. Turn on off your activity broadcastsGo to your Account & Settings drop down menu (underneath your avatar image on the top right of your profile)
  2. Click on Privacy & Settings Review
  3.  Under Privacy Controls click on Turn on/off your activity broadcasts
  4. Uncheck the box Let people know when you change your profile, make recommendations, or follow companies
  5. Save Changes

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