Recommendations and Testimonials

Steph Cawte, Dispensing Optician at Steph’s Eyewear
I have thoroughly enjoyed the LinkedIn Boot Camp that Kate has presented. It is an absolute pleasure to work with someone with such comprehensive knowledge who is also very personable, approachable, professional yet friendly. Her online and real world connections have been a great asset to my business. I would highly recommend Kate and her specialist services.

Vicky Jamieson, Beauty Therapist at Better Body
Kate has such a knack of brainstorming with solution-orientated ideas that help you grow your business from whatever your focus is and can see opportunities that have helped me with not only building relationships but adding value to my team and my customers.

Graham Mitchell, Business Consultant at Business Brief
Kate has done a tremendous job up skilling me in both the basics and the finer points of LinkedIn. The range of practical advice that Kate has shared has helped me move from confusion to clarity, and I am truly grateful for that.

Catherine Newton, Coach, Business Mentor, Speaker & Author at Catherine Newton International
I have been attending Kate’s 2013 LinkedIn Boot Camp and have loved her expertise and ability to guide us through this Social Media tool. She has expanded my knowledge of the site and the power it holds.

Kate has a charismatic and easygoing approach and her presentations are educational, informative and inspiring. I loved the business relationships that have been created in the Boot Camp as well as the doors this course have opened up for my business. I had no idea how much I was missing out on until Kate guided me through LinkedIn,

Thank you Kate. It’s been great working with you.

Pranav Birla, Cloud Payroll Consultant at Datacom
I have been attending Kate’s Force of Nature – LinkedIn Boot Camp and it has been great. Kate has been phenomenal in sharing her knowledge about LinkedIn and how it can be used as a sales tool. It has opened up a new channel for marketing and I look forward to working with Kate through Datacom in the future. Great job Kate, keep up the good work!

Troy Sugrue Creative Director at Madant Productions
Kate is a great presenter. I have enjoyed her work both live on stage and in videos. She puts her audience at ease, makes it fun and takes you on a great journey. I have booked Kate to present at my events and always been thrilled with the outcome. If you want to inform, extend and entertain your audience I fully recommend Ms Nankivell.

Recently I attended Kate’s LinkedIn seminar where I enjoyed a brilliant night of great stories, hard content and a fun, relaxed communal feeling between the audience and presenter. I have a low tolerance and understanding of most things web related, so I came into the seminar with some trepidation, but I knew LinkedIn had the potential to support my business objectives. By the end of the night I had a whole new vision for LinkedIn and my ability to leverage it. Kate opened my eyes to the power of LinkedIn and gave me some great and easy to apply knowledge to start making it work for me.

Jaco Grobbelaar, Relationship Manager Commercial & Agri at ANZ
I met Kate as a Migrant form South Africa on my journey to secure employment in New Zealand in the Agricultural Financial Service space. At our first meeting at one of her LinkedIn seminar’s I immediately noticed what value she offers to any migrant with a clear objective seeking employment in New Zealand, using LinkedIn as the a tool to network and presenting your skills and expertise on the world’s number one professional social media platform.

Looking back it my journey till obtaining employment recently, it was the best investment I made. In the process I obtained the confidence and developing the skill to network in New Zealand, a pre-requisite in my opinion to secure employment in New Zealand, especially for a migrant.

Kate is an expert at what she does as she knows how to use all the functionality of LinkedIn and can teach you how to use it. She can also optimise your LinkedIn Profile which I learned is essential to control my professional reputation online and all important for my business to business sales and marketing efforts.

Kate is a customer focused professional and goes the extra mile for her clients. She takes time to get to know you and your goals and helps you to use LinkedIn to grow your networks and your business. I recommend her highly and my sincere gratitude for sticking with me all the way.

Yolanda Alba, English Language & Vocational Education Agent at Study2Work
Kate is a very approachable and friendly consultant. She takes the time to understand your business issues and helps you with the solutions whether it is explaining to you or implementing it herself. She has a thorough understanding of LinkedIn and teaches in a very understandable and simple manner. Kate has also helped me connect with people in New Zealand and overseas. Kate is a natural people connector.

Dianne Muir, Accountant, Business Consultant, Xero and MYOB Trainer
I met Kate at my BNI Chapter and then hired her to provide her professional services as a specialist LinkedIn Consultant and Trainer to learn how to use and make the most of LinkedIn for my business. Kate is an expert at what she does as she knows how to use all the functionality of LinkedIn and can teach you how to use it. She can also optimise your LinkedIn Profile which I learned is essential to control my professional reputation online and all important for my business to business sales and marketing efforts.

Kate provides customised training to suit your learning needs and business goals. She creates a comfortable learning environment and makes it easy and fun. Kate explains every aspect of the site, the importance of keywords and the potential of search. She also brings the knowledge and expertise of her many years in corporate sales and business development to the learning environment as well. This is a boon for any business person seeking to grow their business.

I have also attended one of Kate’s LinkedIn Seminars which showcased her ability and professionalism as a presenter and her in depth knowledge of LinkedIn. Kate created a welcoming atmosphere that encouraged networking for all who attended, the session was highly interactive and everyone there got a lot out of it. I would recommended her seminars as particularly useful for people who are wanting to learn what LinkedIn is all about.

Kate is a customer focused professional and goes the extra mile for her clients. She takes time to get to know your business and your business goals and then helps you learn how to use LinkedIn to grow your networks and your business. I recommend her highly.

Jo Holley, World-Class Freelance TV Presenter / MC / Business Woman
I attended Kate’s LinkedIn seminar last night and walked away energised, enthusiastic about social media and with a clear idea of the ins and outs of Linkedin. I have a very busy, active lifestyle so for me it was perfect to attend a seminar (visual learner) where the information I wanted was relayed in a fun, creative way and I was able to ask questions and gain a wonderful answer on the spot.

Kate connects on a personal level with her audience and involves everyone in her presentation which really makes you feel comfortable and no matter what your skill on social media – all eager to learn more. I found the seminar very informative and most importantly for those just starting into the social media world not overwhelming. I would recommend Kate and make sure you head to her next seminar.

Thelma French, HR Consultant at Thelma French & Associates
For a long time I had been aware that I should have been maximising LinkedIn for my HR Consulting business but I always seemed to be too busy. When I spoke with Kate about this it didn’t take me long to realise that a training session with her would be a great investment and it was. Kate explained the options, and then provided me with effective training in how to use LinkedIn. This enabled me to use the features of the site, to understand its purpose and use for growth of my business, and to start connecting and making recommendations straight away. Kate got me over my initial hesitation and it wasn’t long before I felt excited about the potential for Thelma French & Associates. I became a social media convert and three new business opportunities came my way within the first week.

I really enjoyed learning with Kate because she is a great listener, she was totally focused on my learning requirements and style and what was important and relevant for me. Kate doesn’t provide a cookie cutter approach; it’s about you and your business. Plus her philosophy around connecting and developing genuine networks is one I am in total agreement with. I have known Kate in business for over 15 years and from personal experience I know she delivers on what she promises.

If you want to step into the social media world and learn how to use and optimise LinkedIn then I highly recommend working with Kate Nankivell of Force of Nature.

Alan Levis, Recukit

“I can’t recommend Kate highly enough. Just go and see her and you will get results from LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has become a really warm prospecting tool for me. It’s established credibility. It’s made people aware that I am a professional, not just a voice at the other end of the phone. For all they knew before when I used to cold call I was just a telemarketer. And it’s a huge database of potential leads for me that I was not really privy to before.

It has changed my life. It’s opened a lot of doors and potential opportunities that otherwise would never have existed before.  I’m excited about this year because I am thinking about the opportunities that are going to happen from the work we are going to get through LinkedIn.

I’m a huge advocate of social selling on LinkedIn now. It comes down to …you get what you put in on LinkedIn. That is the thing I would say to most people. Don’t think you are just going to hop on LinkedIn and start setting up meetings left right and centre. You actually have to put some work into it. That time investment is significant, but the return is even greater. Be prepared to put the work in and you will get the results.”

What would you say to anyone who says wow 5 sessions seems like a lot? Can I afford that time?

“I think 5 sessions is just the right amount. I think LinkedIn is a lot more complicated than most people realise. There is actually a lot going on inside that platform. It’s not one of the social media products that you can learn in one night. It does take a bit of time to navigate and then absorb what you are learning. So I think 5 sessions was really, really good.  Any less and I think you would have been left wanting. “

Kim Schofield, Sales Director, Blue Star Works

“LinkedIn is an important part of any social media strategy – everyone knows that they need to be doing it well. Kate Nankivell’s LinkedIn Boot Camp will ensure that your profile is in line with the other components of your marketing strategy and you will also learn how to use it to grow your business.

LinkedIn is much more than Face Book for business it is a genuine business tool and your LinkedIn profile is an extension of your personal brand. Kate’s LinkedIn Boot Camp is an opportunity to align what you are doing in the everyday world with the online world. This Boot Camp offers measurable direct business benefits for business owners and managers by showing you how to make your network of contacts come to life. “