Kate's Connections

I am a walking talking Connector*. I love meeting new people everywhere I go whether it is in a business or social context and yes even during and after a sweaty gym class. Once I meet people nothing excites me more than talking with them about their passions in life and in business.

During every conversation I constantly have my eyes and ears open to learn about what people need and love nothing more than connecting them to that certain someone or business who can meet their need. This comes naturally to me and as a result I regularly connect people for business and social purposes.

I am excited that social media has extended and increased the possibilities for connection in our lives and businesses. I want to bring a selection of the interesting people and businesses I connect with to you and share them here on Kate’s Connections.

Natalie Sisson – Suitcase Entrepreneur

Last week I attended Natalie Sisson - The Suitcase Entrepreneur’s Build Your Online Business workshop in Auckland. The workshop was hugely valuable and Natalie’s book The Suitcase Entrepreneur has become a valued business tool packed full of resources. Check out Natalie’s website to learn about … [Read more...]

Alen Levis – Recrukit

Alen attended my recent Linkedin Boot Camp and here's what he had to say... I can’t recommend Kate highly enough. Just go and see her and you will get results from LinkedIn. LinkedIn has become a really warm prospecting tool for me. It’s established credibility. It’s made people aware that I am … [Read more...]

Patrick Schwerdtfeger – Global Business Trends

Recently while on a flight to Queenstown I met Patrick Schwerdtfeger, a leading authority on global business trends from San Francisco. Patrick was in New Zealand to deliver the keynote at a conference for an international company.  I love his Strategic Business Insights video series and I think … [Read more...]

Guy Kawasaki – Air NZ Flying Social Network

I had the great fortune to connect very briefly with Guy Kawasaki at the Air NZ Flying Social Network breakfast after his keynote presentation. He provided really valuable material about engagement in social media and what it takes to achieve this goal. I also loved that Guy always takes a photo … [Read more...]

* I learned about and identified with the Connector personality type from Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point.