Attract Your Ideal Clients with LinkedIn Profile Optimisation Online Course

Attract Your Ideal Clients With LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

Is Your LinkedIn Profile…

  • Attracting your ideal clients?
  • Like an online CV?
  • Good, bad or ugly?
  • Like a desert wasteland with little or no information about your business?
  • Reflective of your professional brand?
  • Helping you stand out online?
  • A marketing asset you are proud of?
  • That thing on your to do list that you keep meaning to do something about?
  • In the too hard basket?

Want to learn how to create a powerful LinkedIn profile that attracts your ideal clients?

A well optimised LinkedIn profile is focused upon your ideal clients and shows how you solve their business problems. It’s professional and it clearly articulates your point of difference in the market that you operate in. That’s all about delivering visibility for your business and you on LinkedIn and helping you to attract your ideal clients.

I am really passionate about helping my clients to stand out online. That is why I created the Attract Your Ideal Clients with LinkedIn Profile Optimisation course for business owners. To enable you to learn how to do this for yourself all from the comfort of your own desk or laptop, wherever you may be.
Attract Your Ideal Clients with LinkedIn Profile Optimisation course

It’s time for action

Don’t leave money on the table. Learn how to optimise your own LinkedIn profile in alignment with your business goals and attract your ideal clients.

Take control of your professional brand online

In my LinkedIn for business owners course, you’ll learn all the steps to optimising your
LinkedIn profile including how to:
  • Set up a LinkedIn account (if you haven’t taken this step before)
  • Audit your own profile and identify the areas for improvement
  • Define your ideal clients, their business problems and what you do to solve them
  • Create a keyword strategy to get found and help you to attract your ideal clients
  • Transform your profile from an online CV into a resource for your ideal clients
  • Follow my step by step process to optimise your profile
  • Use structure in your About Section to make it more compelling
  • Communicate your point of difference to stand out from your competitors
  • Use photos, images and video to enhance your LinkedIn profile
  • Ask for recommendations that build the know, like and trust factor
  • Customise your settings to remove any barriers to being found
  • Do the work yourself and create a profile that you will be proud of
  • Re-evaluate your profile once you have done the work and see the changes
Plus even more tips along the way. Like why we focus on optimising our personal profiles on LinkedIn.
This course includes, videos, written instructions and onscreen demonstrations in short chunks. I wanted to make it fun and easy for you to follow along and do the work of optimising your profile one step at time.
There are also a number of helpful downloadable resources.

Don’t leave money on the table

Your LinkedIn profile could be:

  • Attracting your ideal clients
  • Promoting your business 24/7 – even while you sleep
  • A compelling resource for your ideal clients
  • Communicating your professional brand
  • Helping you to stand out online
  • A marketing asset you are proud of