LinkedIn Profile Optimisation Workshop and Webinar

google-linkedinDid you know people are looking you up on Google either before or after they meet with you? When they do your LinkedIn profile is delivered in the top of the Google search results.

So whether your profile is good, bad, or barely there that is the professional image you are presenting.  Be the professional you want to be online and ensure your professional brand matches the professional that you are by learning the secrets of how to optimise your LinkedIn Profile.

How can I take part?

This is a full day workshop designed specifically for you if you are in the business to consumer business (B2C) market. I am offering this both as an in person workshop event and as a multi session webinar.

Linkedin Workshop (Auckland)

If you are located in and around Auckland this is a fantastic opportunity to learn with others and maximise the networking with other business people.

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Linkedin Live Webinar

This will be the same material as the full day workshop delivered through the convenience of a Webinar model.

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