LinkedIn Business Growth Bootcamp 27-31 March 2017

I will be covering Why LinkedIn Is Like Your Gym Membership

FREE 5-day LinkedIn Business Growth Bootcamp

I am delighted to be taking part in a 5-day long Bootcamp with 24 other LinkedIn Coaches, Experts and Trainers from around the world.  Adèle McLay is the host and interviewer of all the experts – who reveal their top tips, insights and techniques for mastering LinkedIn.

This event is FREE for the whole week.  Plan time to watch the Bootcamp as I know you will get amazing value from it.

Why LinkedIn Is Like Your Gym Membership

I will be covering the topic of Why LinkedIn Is Like Your Gym Membership. My presentation is for those of you who are members of LinkedIn but are currently inactive or passive in your use of the platform.

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Here is a link to a twitter list featuring all the coaches, experts and trainers.

Promotional poster detailing all the profile photos of all the LinkedIn coaches, experts and trainers.

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