How To Win New Business With Great Content On Linkedin

lead generationAfter attending my LinkedIn seminar Richard Snow, the New Zealand Franchisor of Nanotek loved what he had learned and asked me to optimise his LinkedIn profile to help him grow his business.

Nanotek are a high quality waterless car valet service and I created Richard’s profile to speak to his ideal customers in the automotive industry including motor vehicle dealerships, fleet and lease companies, and small and large fleets.

Nanotek – A Social Selling Success Story

 Since then Richard has actively grown his connections from 0 to 727 good quality automotive industry connections. He contacted me when he had reached 500+ connections as he was so excited about the potential for his business and the results that were already starting to happen. Since then he has also started sharing updates every couple of weeks. As a result of both his number of quality connections and his updates he has won new business.

Great Content on Linkedin…

Richard shares updates that are of value and interest to his target market and he is reaping the rewards.

As a result he has become a great advocate of social selling and a raving fan of LinkedIn. This is a business man who has years of experience in cold calling and after learning how is now is excited to be creating warm connections and new business via LinkedIn.  He is more than happy to be leaving cold calling behind him. Richard’s example shows the power of sharing great content for lead generation and business growth.

Measurable Success on Linkedin

In one update Richard shared the fact that Nanotek had achieved 50 consecutive positive reviews on Trademe, New Zealand’s biggest and most popular classifieds site.

As a result of this update being seen by decision-makers responsible for fleet vehicles, Nanotek has won the following two new contracts:

  • The Human Resources Manager of New Zealand’s Vodafone Warriors professional rugby league team saw his update and then invited Richard to provide a valet service for one vehicle as a test of the service. After providing a great Nanotek valet service he went on to secure the opportunity to regularly maintain all of their fleet.
  • A member of the marketing team at Honda New Zealand (Vehicle Importer/Distributor) saw this same update and invited Richard to provide the Nanotek valet service on an ongoing basis for their new vehicle launches and vehicles required for media reviews.

In contacting him about his successes he was quick to tell me that a new customer had just booked a car valet after seeing his profile on LinkedIn. Richard is very happy that his profile is working for him while he is busy looking after his customers and his franchisees.

Linkedin for B2B

I work with a variety of professionals, sales professionals and business owners in the B2B space and what I love about Richard’s successful use of social selling is that it proves that LinkedIn is the perfect place to find your ideal clients for a wide range of businesses – small, medium and large.

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