Introducing: What’s Your Force of Nature?

Welcome to the What’s Your Force of Nature podcast. I’m Kate Nankivell and this is the weekly inspirational interview-style podcast for people who want to discover and nurture their force of nature, do more of what they love in life, and change the world.

My favourite thing in life is talking with people about what they love to do and encouraging them to do more of it. That’s my Force of Nature. Your Force of Nature is your passion, genius, superpower, your thing in life, or what you most love to do. I am a natural cheerleader and creating this podcast represents a giant leap into living my Force of Nature life.

I discovered my Force of Nature after many years of not knowing and not doing what I loved, feeling frustrated, bored, depressed, and scared of making mistakes, and wasting time in undirected trial and error. I saw others living their Force of Nature lives and wished I could discover my Force of Nature so that I could live my life doing what I love with a passion. 

My dream is that this podcast will inspire you and save you precious time. Every week I bring you an interview with an ordinary person making their life extraordinary by living their Force of Nature, to help you on your journey to discover, nurture, and live your own Force of Nature, and in doing so help change the world. Plus, if you are searching for what you love to do, there will be interviews with people who have the tools and methodologies to help you to discover your own Force of Nature.

It’s free to listen to and available in any app that supports podcasts. I’d love for you to join my community too. You can sign up to learn when the first episodes will be published on my Force of Nature website and you can join my private What’s Your Force of Nature Facebook group for the latest behind the scenes info. Episodes will be published and shared on my website, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.The links are in the show notes. I know you are a Force of Nature and I can’t wait to share these exciting interviews with you.

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