3 LinkedIn Profile Tips to Make Sure You’re Not Missing Out On Business

I regularly review LinkedIn profiles for groups I am presenting to and the same 3 elements are consistently missing or not optimised on most profiles. This means that when others are checking you out on LinkedIn – and they are – these gaps in your profile are subtracting from your personal and professional brand.

LinkedIn Recommendations

As a result of these gaps prospective customers simply do not know what it is you do and they will not be enquiring and buying from you as a result. And sadly you are not providing them with the elements of your profile that build trust which further lessens your chances of creating new business via LinkedIn.

3 things to check on your LinkedIn profile to ensure you are not missing out on business.

Do you have:

  1. A Profile Photo?
  2. A Summary Section?
  3. Recommendations?


I don’t mean to be all doom and gloom. I wrote the above in such a way as to get your attention and show you that these gaps present you with opportunities.  Plus the good news is that these gaps are easy to close.

  1. Upload A Profile Photo – Make a good first impression

Upload a professional, smiling profile picture that represents your industry – no selfies! Dress for success and your industry when getting your photo taken. Consider getting your hair freshly cut or blow waved. Women might like to get makeup and hair done too.

  1. Write a Summary Section – Capture your audience

Add a well-written summary section – it should speak to your ideal customer(s), outlining what it is you do, the problems you solve and the services you offer. Make use of all the characters – summary sections have a 2000 character limit.

  1. Get and Give Recommendations – Show your credibility

Recommendations are professional testimonials from customers, vendors, people you manage, colleagues or management. They are very different from endorsements – recommendations demonstrate your personal credibility, endorsements show the skills you have. Recommendations will show up underneath the position they are written for.

LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

The Bedrock of Social Selling Success

LinkedIn profile optimisation is the first step in an effective social selling campaign. This is because your optimised profile will form the bedrock upon which all other social selling activity will be based. The 3 key tips I have shared in this article form part of an optimised profile.  There are many more ways of adding to your profile to maximise its impact. Want to know more?


Ready to learn more about Profile Optimisation?

If you decide that optimising your LinkedIn profile is a priority – you can check out my Profile Optimisation Service or learn how to fully optimise your own profile at LinkedIn Boot Camp. I also provide customised Profile Optimisation workshops for corporate clients including sales teams.

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