LinkedIn Tips and Articles

LinkedIn – Source of Amazing Articles

I love this sort of thing. Check out this great article about How to Get Everything You Want. I found this on LinkedIn this morning and encourage you to discover the amazing amount of ideas and articles available 24/7 on LinkedIn for yourselves.'s an amazing resource of learning and … [Read more...]

Connect with Your favourite Authors

I love the POWER of LinkedIn. I recently used the paid for Inmail service to contact one of my favourite inspirational authors via the site. She is a Coach in the USA and I have found her work of value for many years. She has just connected with me. The world of networking rocks! I am so … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Top of Google Results

Do you Google people that you know or have met? Hands up those who do. There is no shame in this. I know I do. Did you know that when you Google a person their LinkedIn profile is in the top of the search results that are returned? That means yours is too. So whether your profile is good, bad or … [Read more...]